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What Women Want On The First Date  

by Sharon Baxter

Women love a man who is fantastic on their first date and note this to be the most crucial step for any romance to develop on the date. However men fail to realise that women pay attention to close details and want the best they can get in a man. So read below for the best techniques to impress a woman on the first date.

1. Appearance

Please make sure your are well dressed for your lady as there is nothing worse then appearing in your work clothes or old worn out jeans you have always worn because you find them comfortable. Wear something that looks casual and cool and she will get impressed and will this will definitely set a first impression for you.

2. Compliment

Be sure to play her compliment and make sure you make the lady aware that the effort she has made is very appreciated so pay her a nice touching compliment, but remember don't over do it.

3. Manners

Nothing is worse then going on a date with a man that has no manners because ladies and i mean real ladies will despice this and it really will set a bad impression if you release gas, burp, snort, eat with your mouth open in front of her. Manners are that absolute epitomy of a gentleman so please behave like one to make the date yours and seal the deal and this won't happen if you lack in this department.

Women loved to be swooned and love attention from men who are interested in them and show this in a nice way alluring the woman towards them

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