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Success with women - don't believe what I write  

by Amir Rimer

I don't want you to accept anything I say.

I want you to doubt everything I say and reach your own conclusions.

Furthermore, I don't want you to believe that what YOU think is true.

What you believe is TRUE is what you experience in your everyday life.

If you are feeling that you are not living a life of joy, this is because of your beliefs.

Have you ever asked yourself what is this little tiny voice inside your head which prevents you from taking action when you want to pick up girls?

The immediate answer may be: "it is me... talking to myself"

If you think this way, let me ask you another question:

"Who is the entity that you refer to as YOU?"

If you dig deep enough you will realize that YOU is basically a combination of many perceptions that you accepted as true and valid.

Some perceptions are factual, like the sun rise up in the morning (don't become philosophical now by saying that we may be dreaming our life... we need a little theory to progress).

And some perceptions are simply ideas and/or opinions.

For example:

- Women want nice guys. - I am very smart. - I am not good enough. - Women will only go out with jerks that treat them badly. - I need to be more attractive if I want a hot girl.

Now, all of these ideas gather to one identity which we refer to as the "I".

This I will shout out all the relevant information it has, when it feels that you are in danger.


I want to go out to this party => initial idea. I will not feel comfortable => your little tiny voice. I think I will stay home to finish this video game => the little tiny voice wins!

People don't really control their lives, they just think they do.

They think they are the ones holding the wheel. When in reality it is the little tiny voice which is holding the wheel in some kind of dark hidden room.

What now? You may ask.

"How can I remove this little tiny voice which prevents me from reaching my full potential?"

Don't ask me.

I don't know how to remove this little tiny voice. And even if I did know I wouldn't tell it to you.

Not because I don't like you, on the contrary, because if I will give you a method, you will only store it in your head has more information which will strengthen your "I" identity even further.

Instead of wanting a method, just be aware of this little tiny voice when it blossoms to the surface in times of crisis.

Like when you try to pick up a girl, for example.

And when you are suddenly aware of it (not saying it is right or wrong) he will immediately stop bothering you.

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