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Learn How To Meet Girls.  

by Steve Roberts

Hot Tips on How to meet girls;

Irrespective of your motives for wanting to learn how to meet girls, the most critical aspect is confidence.

I expect that your wish to learn how to meet girls is centered around a desire to find a partner. If that is the case, then the first thing you need to do is make a slight adjustment to your initial purpose. Instead of trying to meet girls with the express purpose of looking for love, just try to meet girls to have a conversation and to get to know them a bit better.

To learn how to meet girls, It is most important to find opportunities to be introduced to girls at a time and location that you feel comfortable and confident. By doing this you place yourself in a position where you do not feel out of place and that you always have something to talk about.

The problem is that when you have the mindset of introducing yourself with the idea of a relationship, most girls will see through your comments and you will be likely to end up looking like a goose. You may even have scared away the girl of your dreams before you got to show her who you really are.

Because the prospect of flirting with girls can be quite daunting. Subsequently guys who are often seen as cool calm and collected, can become victims of shyness in the attempt to win over girls they have never met before. So if this is you, fear not, you are not alone.

Hey, rejection is not something any of us enjoys. And that is where the problem starts. Once the shyness sets in you begin to act in a different way to your normal self. As a result of the discomfort that these scenarios bring you end up avoiding them.
Alright, so how do you start talking to girls that you have never met without appearing to be a sleeze?

Well it is really quite simple, don’t do it. Don’t forget that in the first place the most critical part of meeting girls is confidence. It is critical that you get yourself into situations where you meet girls when and where you feel at ease.

Essentially, using your network of friends and colleagues is the way to meet girls. Every person you know be it male or female is an opportunity for you to be introduced to girls.

Your objective is to get out there and socialize in the company of people you know and have something in common with. That way when you meet a girl, it is under friendly circumstances and mostly you will not be required to start the conversation. And even if you do have to make the first comment at least you should be able to make it about something other than a lead in to I want to have sex with you!

At the end of the day, how to meet girls is about putting yourself in a situation where there is some form of mutual friend or colleague, you will often not need to be the one to start the conversation, and at worst if you really like someone, you can always ask a friend to create an unobtrusive introduction!

Steve Roberts comments regularly on dating, you can read more about how to meet girls on his blog, Dating Tips For Guys.

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