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How Do I Know Its Over? - 4 Signs  

by gpower2

How Do I Know Its Over?

Relationships : The 4 red flags of trouble. Just because the situation starts to spiral doesn't mean all is lost. Only by examining the situation can you stop asking yourself how do I know its over?

I. Differentiation - Whereas you once made an effort to be seen as a couple, you now work to be seen as an individual. When conflicts arise between the two of you--or even when everything is okay--you focus on your differences, rather than similarities. We, Us, Ours -> I, Me, Mine.

II. Circumscribing - Rather than continuing the same old fights, you avoid them. You're filled with an internal rage but as of this point, are not ready to vocalize the problem to others. You stop going out together as much, preferring time with your separate groups, and when you are together, the interaction is limited.

III. Stagnation - No growth, no real decay, just still. Same old, same old is now a little too old. Nothing seems to change, and your feelings are suspended mid-air, almost.

IV. Avoidance - **The Point of No Return** You physically go out of your way to avoid your partner. Being in the same room, perhaps living in the same home, becomes an impossibility as you become more likely to engage in bitter, heated arguments.

How Do I Know Its Over? It's not always an easy question to answer. Paying attention to the signs above may shed some light on your reality.

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