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Get Ex Boyfriend Back- Are You Struggling?  

by William Law

Ladies what ever the reason was you and your ex boyfriend split up make sure you do one thing. DO NOT go crawling back to your ex boyfriend with a mindset of desperation. Pretend if you can for a minute that the rolls were reversed. Say you broke up with your boyfriend and he came back begging and offering anything he could think of just to get you to come back to him. Would you look at that as cute or sweet? I'm thinking you would most likely look at it as pathetic.

Take the time after the break up to hang out with your friends. Go do some things with your friends that are fun. Don't just hang out with them and tell them how upset you are and how much you want to get your ex boyfriend back. Do things that will boost your confidence and get you feeling good again. What you don't want to do is follow, text or call him all the time. I know there are things you've just thought of to say but you must give him space. Nothing will push someone further away than the feeling they are being smothered.

Once you are feeling a little more emotionally stable, take the time to really look at what happened. Can you put yourself in your ex boyfriends shoes? Looks a little different doesn't it. Being able to look at things from both sides will take you a long way in trying to mend your relationship.

After a few weeks contact him and ask him to meet you somewhere. If you have been really thinking about the things that went on in your relationship then you should have a fair amount of things to talk about. Tell him you just want to talk and are expecting nothing else. Bring down his guard immediately by apologizing for some of the things you've thought about. This is not an easy thing to do but if you really want to get your ex boyfriend back your going to have to swallow a little pride.

What your trying to do is make sure he knows that you miss him while not making it seem like your desperate. Once you learn all the proper steps it can be easier than you think to get your ex boyfriend back.

Wishing you success

William Law

About the Author

Without knowing the proper steps to get ex boyfriend back you could be going in the wrong direction. Knowing these steps can make the difference in being successful or wondering what you could have done.

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