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Have Faith in the Meaning of Your Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows using your faith as a guide can add more meaning to them. After all your commitment to one another is in body, mind and soul. Your wedding vows echo your unwavering commitment to a love shared with the one person who will be witness to your life. Each religious faction has their own understanding when it comes to how wedding vows should be shared.

There is however one message regardless of the denomination and this is to commit to a life shared with love and caring no matter the future circumstances which may arise. A couple may enlist the help of their religious leader when writing their vows and although there may be variations in the various ceremonies, reference to their beliefs will come through. In a Jewish wedding, the vows are given when the couple exchange rings.

Generally the vows will take on a meaning of commitment to the laws and faith of Israel. Muslim wedding vows are taken with the couple sitting apart from one another, committing to each other in the affirmative three times and then signing a marriage contract. In a Buddhist wedding ceremony, a couple may pledge as part of their vows to cultivating compassion, generosity, patience, enthusiasm and wisdom while committing to grow in dharma. They may also pledge to seek to understand all living beings and regard all the mysteries of life with openness and joy.

There are of course non-denominational wedding vows and although they generally hit many of the traditional points of commitment they of course omit the mention of God or a higher power. Being married by a judge in a court may occur when two people have totally different religious backgrounds and so non-denominational wedding vows are used in the ceremony to avoid conflict. Planning your wedding, finding the perfect dress and wedding cake and worrying about who should sit next to who, pales in comparison to sharing your commitment to each other through your vows.

Focus on this and your wedding will be everything you could dream of. Regardless of what religious beliefs you hold, writing your wedding vows can be a personal spiritual journey. It's about your love towards your partner and the commitment to honor, respect and appreciate one another as long as you both live.

All set to write your own personal wedding vows? Why not check out other useful wedding planning editorials, resources and crucial information to make your dream day blissful.

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Have Faith in the Meaning of Your Wedding Vows - Writing your own wedding vows using your faith as a guide can add more meaning to them.

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