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Three Tips to Capture His Heart  

by Aaron Adams

Have you ever been curious why other women seem to possess certain mysterious skills in attracting men to them? Admit it, it's not just because they're beautiful, attractive, smart or even polite, because it's almost always not enough. Without a doubt; these women possess an undisclosed trait that makes them perfectly irresistible to the man they are dating.

Such women are regarded by men as cool. This is generally how men describe a woman who is perfectly amazing and desirable. These are the types of women that the better men are on the lookout for, since they give off such a positive magnetism that keeps them spellbound and captivated.

It's a fact that most women can't seem to get a man's sincere love and devotion, but a cool woman makes her man literally pleading for more of her time and affection. Many women have found it difficult to make their man serious about their relationship even when they've been together for years, whereas some women have caused their man to want a long and lasting relationship with them.

What do cool women do right?

How well your man relates with you goes back to how intense the desire he has for you is. This means that when he's no longer as warm and caring as he used to be, it might be because he doesn't feel the same attraction he used to feel for you.

But that's okay - no one was born knowing exactly how to handle a relationship. It's a learned skill, and it takes practice to perfect.

Sparking intense attraction with the man you love is easy when you remember certain tips. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be pleased to see your relationship grow in affection, assurance, and trust. And this will all happen because you'll be captivating him to help make the relationship be all it can be.

Here are the things you need to know:

*Take things nice and slow. Introduce activities that would get his attention and allow him to participate, such as sorting through photos or shopping for things he likes. When he feels that he belongs in your daily schedule, he'll start to feel more appreciated. And when he feels that you're going out of your way to make him happy, he'll be more encouraged to do the same.

*Be fun to be with rather than just being polite, because you want him to be more than just a friend. Show him you're fascinating and a little bit mysterious. Be creative in getting his attention by going against the ordinary. This will make you infinitely more interesting than the next girl.

*Don't ever, ever sleep with him too early in the relationship. Relationships that last isn't based on physical attraction - it's founded on a deeper, more emotional connection with each other. If you treat sex as the greatest expression of love - and not a cheap form of recreation - you'll be drawing the best kinds of men into your life.

Lastly, remember that if you can change yourself first, then you can change anything.

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